Company’s profile

Competitive prices

Due to the increasing competition, we try to meet the requirements of our clients through our competitive and quality products and services... In our cooperation with our partners we accept any form of payment including a compensation system.

Activity fields

The company’s rubber and polyurethane products are generally used in the industrial, maritime, oil transport, energy transport, oil extraction, railway, nuclear, thermo energetic, hydropower sector.

Technical support

FULL SATISFACTION OF THE CUSTOMER is the permanent desideratum of our team. This can only be achieved by respecting each customer’s technical and commercial demands, based on mutual interest respect.


Thanks to the growing IT technology, we are becoming more and more reactive to our customers through the internet and the services we have.

About our services

With its services of making rubber and polyurethane prototypes, GC Grup can build scale models for components or assemblies. These models can be used for testing and approval in order to launch serial production, but also to make molds.

Success is based on the experience and expertise of our team in the fields of materials, design and support for the development of rubber and polyurethane products. In addition, the technical department works in close collaboration with the production and supply department and logistics network to ensure that our customers’ expectations are met.
Financial stability provided by top business partners in the country and abroad.

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